Retirement Choreography

Dancing with the Stars

My wife diligently watches “Dancing with the Stars” each week. I found myself wondering what makes people watch this TV Show, and I realized it’s just like a sporting event. Each week the contestants come out onto the (field) dance floor and give it all the have to get the best score. The crowd roots them on and applauds when they perform well. There’s always one or two teams they hate and some that they love. It all really boils down to a popularity contest however. They have to be able to dance or get better at dancing as the weeks pass, but if they have no fan base, they ultimately won’t hold onto any plausible lead.

Life is a lot like this…we need competition, cheerleaders, team players, winners, losers but most of all, we need a game to play. You are either in the game or on the sidelines. If you are not in the “Dance”, you wish you were in it. After the Dancing is over each week, we talk about it for the entire next week, and anticipate the positioning of “Our Team” for the next week coming up. It gives us something to strive for, to bet on, to wish upon, to dream about!

Many people need to get back in the game and “Dance” a little bit. Imagine a perfect dance and strive to achieve it. Dream of a flawless performance and do everything in your strength to make it happen. Give it your All. Don’t stop until the music is over, no matter if you are out of breath or fatigued. Dance till you drop. You’ll find exhilaration.

Retirement is a Dance in which every step should be choreographed to enhance your dreams and aspirations for yourself, your spouse, your children and grandchildren. Care should be taken to plan every move, position every player for maximum output, articulate your posture for ultimate style and grace. When you are looking for a coach, your choreographer, look for someone who has the same passion for the goals you have set for your Retirement as you do. Don’t leave it up to someone who tells you how it should be, find someone who asks you how you envision it. Demand a well planned program and then stick to it!

Venture to let VIP Advisors choreograph your final third of life, the way you want it, with style, and grace.

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