Asset Management

We provide fee-only investment Asset Management services primarily for individuals and some small business clients.  Our compensation is not based on commissions like a typical broker dealer.  In this arrangement, we take on a Fiduciary role in the management of our clients’ accounts.  A Fiduciary, by definition, must act in the best interest of the client and put the clients needs before its own.  Our fee is based on the value of the assets we manage for each client not the number of transactions we execute on our clients behalf.  Our philosophy of Active Money Management affords us opportunity to capitalize on favorable market conditions while allowing us to liquidate as needed when unfavorable markets may potentially cause loss in asset value. Keeping an active eye on current global economic factors that can have an effect on how our clients’ portfolios will perform is key to our success.



The Market’s Worst Days are as important as its Best Days. A single dollar invested in the market on December 31, 1927 would have been worth $71.21 on December 31, 2010 if left to market conditions for the entire duration.  That same dollar would be worth only $23.89 if the investor had missed the 10 best days of the market over that time period.  On the other hand, if the investor had missed the 10 worst days, the value would be $228.71.  If the investor had stayed in cash, the value of the original dollar would have grown to $19.31 by the end of 2010.

Growth of $1 invested on day 1
December 31, 1927 – December 31, 2010
10 Worst Days :  10 Best Days

Ending Value

Cumulative Return

Stay in Market Full Time



Miss 10 Best Days



Miss 10 Worst Days






Sources: Bloomberg L.P., Invesco, Ibbotson. Cash results are based on the Ibbotson U.S. 30-Dat T-Bill Index.

Past performance cannot guarantee comparable future results.